Why PHP web development has become important

Being a server-side scripting language—as opposed to JavaScript, which is a client-side scripting language—PHP is one the widely used web development programming languages of today. Most webmasters are smitten with the scripting language for enhancing a website’s functions as well as appearance. They rely on PHP whenever they have to create dynamic webpages or provide bespoke web solutions.

Another factor that has made PHP a reliable web development language is its ability to be used with HTML. Last but not least, the programming language is easy to use and comprises simple techniques and formats.

Now, let us read benefits of PHP Web Development in detail.

Syntax is familiar

If you have little programming expertise with Perl and C, then you will grasp PHP easily. It is because PHP’s syntax is based on the syntax of both of these programming languages.

PHP community is expansive and helpful

A PHP community is vast, so, if you get stuck while programming, you can approach the php.net website. Apart from the website, there are numerous online communities and forums that can solve a developer’s queries.

A PHP-based website is affordable

A website that is developed using this web development language is easy to create, change, and customize. For this reason, many leading web development companies offer a wide range of RIA development services, and the most prominent one being PHP web development solutions.

The web development language is easy to understand

When compared with other programming languages, PHP does not require extensive study, i.e., you do not have to spend a lot time researching books and manuals. The syntax of the programming language includes command functions and logics that are easy to understand and simple to use.

High data processing capability

A website that is developed using this web development language has the capacity to process huge chunks of data quickly and without any technical glitches.

These points clearly state the significance of PHP in the development of the World Wide Web.

3 Tips for selecting the best internet marketing company

Any business—whether small or big—requires marketing its services or products on the web to achieve growth and become phenomenal. However, everyone—associated to the business of the web—asks a single question, “How do SEO & Internet Marketing Companies create the best online marketing experience?” The answer is a no-brainer, “Through customization.”

Nowadays, offering bespoke e-marketing services—especially while providing SEO and web based database management solutions—is necessary. Further, it is significant to have the support of a web marketing consultant in today’s business era that is dominated by the internet. The support from a team of web marketers—who understand your requirements and adapt their solutions accordingly—is desired by many businesses. However, today’s e-marketing sector is characterized by cowboy companies and marketers who are still wet behind their ears. And with the hard-earned bucks that you have put down to establish your business, you should let it get exposed to minimal risk. For this reason, here are the three key points that can guide you to choose the best e-marketing company.

Select an e-marketing company that spends time with your business

An ace internet marketer will always spend time in analyzing your business model and what the competitors are up to as far as e-business is concerned. Such companies often involve you to come up with an internet marketing solution that is economical and feasible.

A great e-marketing firm will avoid jargons

Most internet marketers, these days, use jargons and other lingoes; however, a leading e-marketing company will do otherwise. It breaks down such difficult concepts so that you understand them and become more familiar with the current scenario of your company’s e-business.

Search your would-be e-marketer on the web before signing the dotted line

Carry out a search by typing “web marketing companies” followed by your city’s name. A good internet marketing firm will show up in the first five pages of the search results.

Bear these three points in mind and choose the best internet marketing partner for your business.

Know when your business requires bespoke software

Many businesses, by and large, function smoothly by leveraging the services of off-the-shelf software. However, things get a little out of hand when your business starts to grow. As and when business networks expand, they require a program that is tailored to meet their specific requirements. For this reasons, many development companies offer a range of software development services.

Every company having a specific challenge—that remains unmet with generic software—should go for customized software. However, how will you know that your business requires a bespoke software solution? It is simple. Just ask yourself the following questions, and you will find the right answer.

Questions to be answered by you—the business leader

•Does my business’s process require any specific change?
•Will the specific business process improve if I weed out dated applications?
•Does my business’s process need to be flexible?
•Currently, how much funds are spent to carry out operations that can be otherwise performed using software?
•Do the existing off-the-shelf programs require any type of customizations for streamlining my business’s processes?
•Do my business’s departments require software for proper coordination? Will this coordination help in improving the business’s efficiency in any way?

If—for any of the above question—your answer is affirmative, then your business does requires customized software. For businesses of any type or size, customization—in some way—holds the golden key to success. Just like custom web development, a bespoke software solution can boost a business’s process, thus, improving its efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Another important factor is to make a reliable software development firm your business associate. Presently, the market is infested with cowboy developers and programmers who can’t handle business projects efficiently. So, beware and choose wisely the one that has a rich portfolio and experience to support its claims of technological marvels.

Benefits as well as challenges of HTML5 web application development

Deciding right away whether HTML5 is apt for your business requirements or not is just like jumping the gun. First, we should understand what HTML5 is all about.

An overview of HTML5

HTML5 is a type of programming language that creates apps as well as webpage content that adapts as per the desktop and mobile browsers. Being an advanced version of the legacy HTML, the programming language supports a range of fresh features, comprising audio and video streaming, additional storage capacity, and easy integration with several device-specific tools. The most beneficial feature of HTML5 is compatibility, i.e., the language is responsible for designing programs running on several platforms. The approach—HTML5 Web Application Development—comes with a range of benefits. Let us read two of the most important ones.


Enhancing accessibility:

A site that is designed using HTML5 can become easily accessible because of two main reasons:

• Semantics
• Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

Fresh HTML headings such as <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <nav>, and <section> enable screen readers to access content without any hassles. Prior to the latest version of HTML, screen readers could not determine what any <div> was. However, with the newly launched semantic tags, it has become simpler for readers to examine a particular HTML document and enrich user experience.

Leverage ARIA to give specific roles to elements that are located in an HTML document. These elements are required for creating specific landmark upon a page—such as footer, header, and article navigation.

Supporting video and audio:

Enable visitors to view your videos and audios by leveraging the specific <video> and <audio> tags present in HTML5. Now, you or your webmaster will not require grappling with third-party media players or Flash Player for playing media. You only need to use tags such as <object> and <embed> and assign a list of parameters to make the object visible and running smoothly upon a website.

However, for making the most of these benefits, you require using HTML5 properly. And for using the programming language effectively, you need the support of an experienced team of developer. We, at Flexsin, offer a range of HTML5 development services and ASP Dot Net Development solutions. Touch base today to leverage the programming language in a way that can help your business grow.