Let your website speak volume about your business

A person browsing your website will take hardly 15-20 seconds to judge any website. And if your website fails to meet their expectations in terms of presentation or content, you will not be able to transform them into your client. This is the reason why many organizations look out for the best web solutions, especially they demand for custom web development.

Due of this reason, the web development industry is more inclined towards custom web development solutions. This technology is used for creating bespoke websites for promoting businesses online. With tailored websites, you can define your business’s uniqueness on the Internet.

Here are some benefits of having bespoke website solutions:


A site is conceptualized and developed for any businesses while keeping client’s needs and objectives in mind. That site will gain brownie points in terms of graphic design and lets your business outshine others on the web.

Fast to download

Customized webpages are boosted using various technologies so that they can be downloaded in as little time as possible. It makes website easy to approach by customers.

Makes website SEO-friendly

If you go for custom website solutions, it will enhance the relevant keywords that are related to your business, you can improve your rankings on search engine result pages. This tactic will do if you want to attract eyeballs of as many as customers.

Tailored solutions

With this tactic, you can personalize your website. Further, you can leverage a web designer’s creativity and imagination to showcase your business’s productive features on your website. By doing so, you will convert your visitors into valuable clients. This solution has gained popularity in web development for E-Commerce industry because it lets you in corporate features such as shopping carts, reviews, and so on to your website.

There are many digital marketing companies offering bespoke website designing solutions. For more information, you can approach a reliable one.

Importance of having mobile application for small business

In this blog, you fill find four reasons why you should invest in mobile application.

Nowadays when more and more people are using their smartphones to search something, small businesses that ignore the trend of mobile applications put their growth at stake. Basically, a mobile application is a marketing technique which means call-to-actions; because it takes you closer to your potential clients that make you serve them in a better manner. Here’s a look at several ways your company and your valued customers might benefit from a user-friendly mobile application.

Target local customers

It has been noticed that customers that are on the go seem more likely to get engage with companies if they are easy to connect with. For example, if you are running a restaurant, you are more likely to attract customers if you have a mobile application, because people in your vicinity would download the same in their smartphones and place order whenever they feel hungry. Along with this, if you own an IT consultancy, you will get more leads through an application.

Provide special offers

As stated earlier, a mobile application is a tool of marketing. You can use your application to provide special offers to your customers.

Provide customer support

Whether you run an IT consultancy or a manufacturing business, good customer support is crucial. It helps you get referrals. Through an application, you can remain in touch with your clients all the time, which makes you serve them better.

Get feedback and data about customer behavior easily

If your application is integrated with ticket tracking system, it significantly helps you collect feedback and queries of your customer in an easy way. Basically, it serves as a simple method to collect their feedback and queries that you can resolve as soon as possible, which further make you surpass their expectations.

In a nutshell, a well-designed application can help you learn more, such as, job roles, ages, spending limits, preferences, about the customers that you are targeting. The collected can be used to conceptualize offers for them.

You can approach a digital marketing company offering services for Mobile App Development using latest tools such as JAVA, PHP, HTML5 and others. So, locate the best company in your city or state or country offering excellent JAVA, HTML5, and PHP Web Development services to get an outstanding mobile application for your business.

Latest app development trends to look for

The mobile app development industry is evolving day by day. By the end of the year of 2014, the industry witnessed evolution of wearable devices and Internet of Things. This has made developers envisage on developing advanced mobile applications. This trend will continue to grow over the coming years. Here are some of latest web development trends that have created a buzz in the market.

Cloud Driven

The cloud technology is playing a key role in mobile app development in 2015, and seems to dominate the sector over coming years. Keeping in mind the increased usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable tech, developers are focused on integrating and synchronizing their apps on multiple devices. This technology enables developers to develop applications that can be accessed across different devices with same functionality and content.

App Security

Keeping in mind a numerous cases of hacking and information leaks in 2014, developers are now focused on providing applications with optimum security.

Wearable Tech

Wearable devices are one of latest trends in the industry. Before the launch of Apple Watch, wearable devices were focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015, other industries such textile and fashion are planning to adopt the concept of wearable devices. The bottom line is that developers have to think beyond smartphones, and develop applications for wearable devices.

M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

According to E-marketer, 19% of retail ecommerce sales in 2014 were made through mobile devices. And this trend will continue to evolve over the coming years as more and more consumer adapt to m-commerce. Further, with growing trend of making payments through wallets instead of debit or credit cards has also created an urge to develop applications that can process transactions without the need of cards and cash.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As more and more people are connecting via multiple devices, Internet of Things is growing at a lighting speed. This trend has created demand for applications that can be integrated on multiple connected devices. With this technology, businesses can reach consumers through applications using the customer engagement management platforms based on Wi-Fi or Beacon technology.

If you want further information on the latest application development trends, you can approach a web development company offering services for application web development.

RIA application development- a technology for interactive internet programming

The web development sector is a field where new techniques and application take shape frequently. The development of faster devices has created an urge to provide users with rich user experience or interface. Keeping this trend in mind, web developers are trying to deploy latest technologies to come up with interactive and highly responsive websites. This is why the term ‘Rich Internet Applications’, (RIAs) has a created buzz in the industry.

RIAs is an umbrella term used for describing applications that are more desktop-like, promising rich content and more interactivity that include lightweight browser-based frameworks with JavaScript and AJAX that do not need a plug-in to be installed.

RIA frameworks can be bisected, including JavaScript/AJAX-based frameworks and plugin-based frameworks. The JavaScript/AJAX-based frameworks are browser-based that are likely to be lightweight. On contrary, plugin-based frameworks more heavyweight with a bigger download footprint.

The general characteristics of RIAs mainly include interactivity, richness and responsiveness. These characteristics support for validation and error handling, drag-and-drop functionality and richer controls. Embedded with AJAX, RIAs offer real-time search and filtering feature to give faster feedback to the user by reloading parts instead of reloading the whole web page. Further, RIAs always contain animations and media content, providing better user experience.

The advantages of RIAs to a business are manifold:

Enhanced customer and partner productivity: RIA eliminates multi-screen interface, offering single view that minimizes iteration in business process. In this manner, RIAs result in enhanced user satisfaction.

Enhanced customer loyalty: This technology allows customers of e-commerce sites to manage and provide information, keep track on order status, and re-order in an effective manner that further help companies increase retention rate.

Reduced operational cost: RIAs help move processing to the web browser, which results in reduced bandwidth usage and server load.

Increased rate of customers: Apart from satisfying existing customers, RIAs also help businesses acquire new customers with interactive user interface and experience.

You can approach a web development company to get more information about the technology and other web development techniques including HTML5 App Development, etc.

What is database management system?

Generally, a database management system—abbreviated as DBMS—is a computer software application for creating and managing databases. This application helps users and programmers create, retrieve, update and manage data in an efficient manner. It is precisely designed to define, create, query, update and administrate databases. MySQL, Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 are well-known DBMS available.

This application serves as an interface between the database and end users or application programs to ensure that data is organized and easily accessible to all. It primarily manages three important things, including the data, the database engine—which allows data to be accessed, locked and modified—and the database scheme—which defines the database’s logical structure. These three elements help attain security, data integrity, concurrency, and uniform administration procedures. Further, change management, performance monitoring/tuning & backup and recovery are the database administration tasks supported by the DBMS.

Along with this, some database management system offer automated rollbacks, restarts, recovery as well as the logging and auditing of activity. This application proves to be useful for providing a centralized view of data to all users from multiple locations in an efficient manner. It can offer both logical and physical data independence. In other words, users do not have to remember where data is stored.

Advantages of a DBMS

The biggest advantage of using a web based database management system is that it lets end users access data while maintaining its integrity.  It provides a central store of data that can be accessed by multiple users in an efficient manner.

Some of the major advantages of DBMS include:

* A locking mechanism for concurrent access
* Data abstraction and independence
* Data security
* Maintains balance the needs of multiple applications using the same data
* Data recovery from crashes and errors
* Robust data integrity capabilities
* Logging and auditing of activity
* Simple access using a standard application programming interface (API)
* Uniform administration procedures for data
* Can be used to impose a logical, structured organization on the data.
* Provides a single database schema

There are many types of database management systems available. Each system requires different levels of system resources. So, it is advised to consult a digital marketing company to get to know the system better.

Six mobile application development trends

With increasing number of smartphone users, it is very important to create mobile applications integrating latest technologies to take their expectations to a new level. Here are some of major mobile app development trends that have created a buzz.

IoT and Big Data

App creators need to keep large amounts of data and the corresponding analytics in mind while develop a smart application for smart users. The IoT(Internet of things) has really made its presence felt in mobile application development. It has compelled developers to focus on the interfaces and user experience across different devices.

Rapid Mobile Development

In order to reach the customer faster, mobile application developers are opting for frameworks like Microsoft’s Azure Apps Service. These all are done to provide an interface to the mobile applications and make it perform much faster.

Cloud technology

Developers are inclined to provide integration of apps on multiple devices with influencing the general look and feel. Cloud-based mobile apps ensure efficient sync between devices.

Retail e-commerce:

According to a study, 19% of e-commerce sales in 2014 were made over mobile devices, and this trend is growing in 2015. Thus, creators have to streamline their efforts in order to develop secured, faster and user-friendly e-commerce applications.

Digital media

Smartphone users now want to watch a TV show or sport event on their devices. Mobile app developments are trying to deliver applications that would help improve the user experience.

Wearable devices:

Nowadays, it has become imperative to develop apps keeping in mind wearable devices for developers. As the trend of wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and Jawbone, is rapidly growing, developers are going to be busy in creating efficient apps to meet the demand.

If you want more information on Mobile App Development, you should approach a digital marketing company. A company specializing in app development will provide you detailed information on the latest trends. A software app development company knows the industry better and provides the best possible services when it comes to creating a remarkable app.

Six best HTMLs Tools for web development

HTML5 is the most popular language for web development as it offers a multitude of advanced features, including browser support, structure specific tags, visual elements, to name a few. There is plethora of HTML 5 tools that help developers generate innovative results for their web development projects. These tools help manage the code for creating exciting web pages. Here are some of the HTML 5 tools that have made their presence felt.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is open source, front-end development framework for PhoneGap/Cordova hybrid apps. This tool is specifically used to deliver unprecedented user experience for mobile applications. Onsen UI focuses on providing native-like performance, responsive designs and diverse platforms.


Chart.js is used with HTML 5 canvas elements to create charts and graphs on a webpage. This tool currently supports six chart types, including line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area.


Crosswalk is an HTML5 application runtime tool that comes with all features of a modern browser. It is compatible with both Android and Tizen, which makes it a suitable tool for creating mobile applications.

Online 3D Sketch

It is a wonderful tool that helps designers create amazing and precise sketches and drawings. Along with this, it helps them share their drawing experiences with their friends and team members.


Gauge.js is a slick script used to develop animated gauges with JavaScript (Coffeescript) in HTML5 canvas.


Modernizr is an advanced, open source JavaScript library that let designers ensue excellent website experiences. It helps developers detect whether the current browser support CSS3 and HTML5 features, which further enable them to create websites according to the browser.

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate is an excellent HTML5 tools that let developers generate interactive HTML animations. It is an amazing tool that enables designers to create animations compatible for all devices.

If you want to get an interactive website designed for your business, you should approach an HTML5 Web Application Development company. The company will analyze your target market and design a website using latest technologies such as RIA application development and others, to ensure excellent user interface and experience.

Web development trends that you should not miss out on

Longer Scrolling Websites

With increasing trend of using internet on mobile devices, longer scrolling websites have become commonplace. Users are opting for scrolling instead of linking to get the content, because it is easy to scroll through a webpage to get the information than it is to click and wait the webpage to open. Long scrolling sites are also known as hello and one-page websites. You can integrate the site with some slick animations to make the scrolling experience visually attentive.

Storytelling and interaction

Use content to tell a story to the visitors. The web design industry is focusing on integrating engaging contents with animations to establish interaction with the clients. You can use this design to tell your clients about your company’s journey so far. Along with this, you should try to club the content with exciting animations in order to present bulky information in an appealing manner.

Remove non-essential design elements to get simplicity

Try to keep your website simple by removing non-essential design elements. You can avoid using a large background image header, background colors and cluster of images. Instead, include clean and simple site design.

Use of latest technologies

Try to incorporate benefits of different technologies such as PHP web development, HTML, JAVA, RIA, etc., to enhance the user experience of the website.

Fix width centered site layout

It has been a trend to use the “banding” or width: 100 percent design element so that images visual stretch the full width of a browser’s viewport. Before this, sites used to be fix-width and centered in the page. This trend is coming back with a modern twist. Today, developers are opting for a mix-width to keep the content centered in the viewpoint. The benefit of this style includes 100 percent trend with sophistication.

Flyout/slideout app-like menus

Your website look great no matter the device, be it mobile, tablet and desktop. Opt for a vertical menu on either the left or right side of the page that acts more like a flyout menu.


Typography is very important in site design. Large headings and typography are in trend right now. The large headings attract attention of the visitors and enhance the visual hierarchy of the page.

You can approach a digital marketing company to get more information on custom web development.