Adding substantial functionality and features to your website with PHP

In today’s interactive world, the definition of a website is somewhat different from that of the same as it was about a decade ago. These days, everyone looks forward to standing out in the cutthroat market through the most interactive website. It is good to have a simple website that caters information to the users; but it will never appeal to the visitors to come back every so often, if it doesn’t have dynamic features. People prefer interacting with you through your engaging website.

Fortunately, we have PHP programing tool that plays great role in building an interactive website with additional features and applications. Commonly speaking, PHP can bring substantial functionality to your website, what HTML cannot do alone. These days, PHP website design consultancies, across the globe, are utilizing PHP programing tools to infuse more functionality and dynamic features in websites. It works more beautifully with those websites which are programmed on the HTML language.

Top great reasons to start with PHP: -

1.    Interactive features: – The website, enriched with PHP script, lets you interact with the visitors in several ways. It includes simple communicative features like e-mail forms and useful elements like shopping carts to help the website interact with visitors based on their past orders and similar products they have searched most.

2.    Accustomed to HTML language: – PHP is technically well-attuned with HTML-based websites. If your website is developed on HTML script language, it is fairly better to have it tuned with PHP. Both the language scripts are rather switchable within the webpage.
3.    Easy to know: – PHP is believed to be much easier to start with. What you need to do is to know the basics and you can start tweaking your website in accordance with your needs.

4.    Convenient for the users: – Apart from the content and information on a website, it is rather more important to provide utmost expediency to the visitors. PHP allows them to get registered with your website. It helps them keep their records and search history safe and unexploited. The users’ information is warehoused in MySQL database with encoded passwords.

5.    Redirecting users to the new page: – PHP website design tools are used to redirect the users to a new webpage. The redirection task is accomplished from server side and consequently, it is more convenient than the redirection task with HTML-based website.

Beyond the above points, PHP allows you to do some smart things to your website. They are: -

•    You can create calendar for a specific month on your website.
•     You can rotate advertisement or any quotes on your website.
•    You can add a web forum to your website. PHP is widely known to be the effective script language to create a web forum.
•    PHP makes you know how many visitors have clicked on your website. You can add hit counter page to your website.