ASP.NET Development reconciles cutting-edge technological requirements for creating influential websites

For creating a progressive and dynamic website, it is imperative that programmers have a clear idea of web based needs, suitable web platform development and the internet populace. The server-side web application development framework ASP.NET is capable of offering thriving solutions in the following categories: Business and corporate website, social, business and community networking website, web-based apps, custom CMS, custom CRM, and individual as well as business specific requirements.

The framework consists of Active Server Pages and the .Net framework. With innumerable scalable features, it has become a fantastic platform for web developers. It is in high demand as it is quite simple and overcomes the common difficulties of the complex process of traditional application development.  Furthermore, the frameworks allow programmers to write their own codes as it is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Sites compatible with the framework:
ASP Dot Net Development has been a boon for a number of sites since it came into existence as it caters their varying web development needs and delivers solutions for them. These sites include:

- e-commerce.
- e-businesses.
- e-commerce storefronts.
- B2C and B2B portals.
- e-governance.
- Customer relationship management websites.
- Social websites.
- Online auction sites.
- Poll sites.

Interestingly, the framework is ideally suitable for the transforming a static website into a dynamic website. With the Dot Net Application Development, web programmers can complete numerous tasks such as consolidation of E-pay web service, creation of clean URLs, prevention of SQL injections, Google like paging, inclusion of reports with GUI appeal, the addition of support and functionality to existing sites, optimization of bulk email sending and cleaning database without hurting the performance of the website.

Why .Net has an edge over other frameworks?
Today, there is no dearth of web application frameworks. Programmers use them for making websites and web apps. There are a lot of advantages for which the Microsoft framework is highly preferred by the programmers. These include:
- Designing robust and dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.
- Cross-linking with technological frameworks.
- Cross browser compatibility.
- Writing of code in framework.
- A prominent widget for the development process.
- Event-based programming to support standard languages.
- Scalable, easy to configure and to develop with inbuilt features.

With the timely and accomplished services of a professional and experienced ASP.NET Development Company in India, you can easily add more performance and functionality to your existing website or easily develop a dynamic website that is easy to use and control in the least amount of time.