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RIA application development- Offering better interactivity

RIA or Rich Internet Application is a web application designed to deliver the same functions and features which are generally associated with desktop applications. It normally runs inside a web browser and does not require software installation on the client side. Some RIAs may only work appropriately with one or specific browsers. Rich internet applications offer users a better visual experience as well as more interactivity than traditional browser applications. Such applications empower your business and provide better solutions.

Benefits of RIA application development:

* It does not require installation on a user’s device. There is no need to download big files and installation.
* It provides higher productivity than traditional websites. RIA offers better speed of work and functionality.
* It reduces server load.
* There is no problem with software updates, you just need to update RIA on server and your users would always get up-to-date version.
* It offers the users richer and more engaging experience
* It boosts customer loyalty and generates higher profits.
* It is user-friendly and users like to use it.

Tools of rich internet applications:

* Microsoft Silverlight
* Google Gears
* Adobe Flash, Flex and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
* Curl
* Oracle Web Center
* Open Laszlo and Webtop

Availing services of web app development

There are a number of application Web Development companies which develop different kinds of applications and software as per your business needs and requirements. Web application development is the creation of application programs which reside on remote servers and deliver to the user’s device over the internet. The business owners can avail the services of web development companies at affordable rates.

Generating ROI

With application web development services, you will be able to get good returns and generate revenue for your enterprise. After availing the services, the client can easily improve the performance of their business without any fuss.

RIA application development- Offering fast application services

RIA (Rich Internet Application) is web application which uses data that could be processed by the server or the client.  The data exchange takes place in an asynchronous manner. RIA gives a similar look and feel as desktop applications. It is characterized by the variety of interactive operating controls, the possibility of online or offline use of the application and the transparent usage of the computing server as well as the clients.

Providing a series of advantages

This kind of application provides a series of benefits like it offers richer and efficient graphical interface resembling desktop applications. Rich internet applications are sophisticated web applications which are based on asynchronous communication, thick client architecture, excellent variety of user interface widgets and so on. RIA application helps to reduce the network traffic, improve communication and increase usability.

Offering diverse functionalities

The development of rich internet application’s software is more complex than web application. RIA application development is more interactive and responsive application than traditional web applications. The basic characteristics of this application are drag & drop facilities, unnecessary page reload, short response time, multimedia animations and many more. Apart from its features, auto completion, live validation, periodic refresh, rich text editors etc. are some different functionalities offered to the users.

RIA Technologies:

* Adobe Flash
* Java based RIAs
* Microsoft Silverlight

Benefits of Rich internet application:

* It is fast, powerful and easy to use
* It improves user experience
* It enhances interactivity
* It gives better responsiveness and information flow
* It offers users more control
* It increases conversion rate
* It simplifies complicated processes
* It offers your company innovative and consistent solutions as per your business need

Availing services at affordable rates

There are a number of application web development companies which offer cost effective RIA application development services at competitive costs. The clients can opt for best application web development companies as per their business needs and objectives.

The Top 2 Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Web Developer

Web developers for a company can be its one of the most critical hires. After all, these people will be directly involved in creating an enterprise’s online identity, which will enable a business to interact with its prospects/customers. For that reason, it becomes very important that the company hires the correct talent in the very first time itself.

An incorrect hiring decision in that regard can lead businesses to squander a truckload of monies and resources. So here are two important tips that’ll enable companies to make the most informed hiring decision.

Prefer values over experience

First, a business will have to know that what drives the developers. (And knowing about the developers’ values is more important than knowing about their experiences.) Are they driven by innovation, determination, and passion? If yes, is the company’s work culture driven by the same principles, too? For example, if a development team has RIA application development experience but doesn’t fit a company’s work culture, it’s no point getting the developers on board.

If the developer fits in well with the business’s culture and work ethics, go for that person (or the web development company) without any doubt. (However, this point will never mean that the experience should be completely overlooked.)

Give a small project to the hired developers

Once the enterprise has managed to lay its hands on the finest webmasters, it should start by giving them a short-term, less-critical project. By doing so, the business will be able to observe their talent and experience (because these things can’t be judged in any interview session).

Once the project is over, its success will be determined not only by its quality but also by the way the team of developers communicated and coordinated with other teams. With this dry run, the company will determine about the creativity and the problem-solving skills of the hired webmasters.

So the next time a business is about to hire a custom web development outsourcing partner, it should remember these two points.

5 Important Advantages of PHP in Web Development

Being termed as a server side scripting language, PHP has become one of the most sought-after languages, which are used largely by the web developers. Apart from the reality the web development languages do have some drawbacks; PHP holds some most impressive benefits for web development.

Here the write-up details 5 important advantages that your website can be instilled in your website using PHP language.

# Easy to understand:

Compared to other languages, PHP is somehow easier and more convenient to understand. The developers don’t have to spend much more hours in understanding the language. It is syntax, being easy and command-based functions, which make it much convenient to understand.

# Familiar syntax:

PHP web development is said to be more convenient particularly for those who have a good experience in other languages.

# Efficient performance:

Based on your way to code the language in a web development, the efficiency of your website gets increased. In fact, it is said to be scalable language, when it comes to writing codes and creating applications.

# No cost on using the language:

Because PHP is an open source web development language, you don’t need to pay for the language. It is completely free.

# Responsive web development:

RIA application development is now highly feasible with the help of advanced PHP language. You can have a responsive website that owns the quality of smoothness and user-friendliness.

So, the benefits mentioned above are very important while developing a website using PHP languages. So many web development companies have started using the language so as to build a dynamic and scalable website.

RIA application development – New Age of Web Development

As we’ve got seen, albeit terribly in brief, OpenEdge provides Why RIA is preferred over many technologies available for custom web development? RIA stands for Rich Internet Applications, as name suggests, it provides richness effect, look, feel, and user experience of an event-driven GUI not to forget which is customary and beyond the traditional page request HTML model. With the arrangement and management functionality of the Web, two major categories have been developed including Web browser-based RIA and Desktop-based RIA.

Web browser-based RIA: With the help of (D)HTML and enriched with AJAX, the user interface can run this type of app in Web Browser only. Subdivisions of Web browser-based RIA include:

Lightweight AJAX: Generally open source JavaScript libraries such as YUI, Dojo, and etc.

Heavyweight AJAX: Under this, frameworks generally have web browser, server side components and provides functionality like Web features support, REST support, database integration, etc. Samples of heavyweight AJAX frameworks embrace GWT, Backbase, Nexaweb, OpenLazslo, ASP.NET, JSP and many more.

RIA Platforms or Browser Plug-ins: Embrace with Adobe Flash/Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Java Applets, etc.

Desktop-based RIA unlike the web based RIA, in desktop-based RIA the user can run the interface outside the web browser which can be done with the help of client-side technologies, such as SilverLight, WPF, Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), SWF, Sun Microsystems Java FX, Microsoft .NET and many more to mention . Above mentioned are the RIA Rich Clients.

Moreover, OpenEdge clients can implement these RIA using Advancement WebClient (running Windows GUI or .NET), Microsoft ClickOnce with OpenEdge Open Client for .NET, Java WebStart with OpenEdgeOpen Client for Java, or Adobe AIR using Open Client for Java.

One of the foremost necessary thoughts once implementing RIA for business applications is to empower the developers with most alternatives. With this state of technologies, the net browser-based RIAs are the best fitted to infrequent or occasional users because of their restricted richness compared to those within the desktop class. On the other side, the Desktop-based RIAs are applicable for power users only.

Everything that you need to know about web based database management

A database management system, abbreviated as DBMS, is basically a computer software application that is used for building and managing databases. The application allows to create, update, retrieve and manage data without any hassle. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 are DBMS frameworks that widely used.

Web based data based management acts as an interface between the database and end users or application programs in order to organize data and make to the same available to access. It’s core function is to manage three things, including the data, the database engine (which allows data to be accessed, locked and modified), and the database scheme (which defines the database’s logical structure). These are the prominent elements that help programmers ensure security, data integrity, concurrency, and maintain uniform administration procedures. Further, there are certain database administration tasks such as change management, performance monitoring/tuning & backup and recovery supported by the DBMS.

Some web based database management systems offer automated rollbacks, restarts, recovery and the logging and auditing of activity. DBMS is a useful application that provides a centralized view of data to all users from multiple locations, and it offers both logical and physical data independence.

Some of the major advantages of DBMS include:

* A locking mechanism for concurrent access
* Data security
* Balance the needs of multiple applications using the same data
* Data recovery from crashes and errors
* Data abstraction and independence
* Robust data integrity capabilities
* Simple access using a standard application programming interface (API)
* Logging and auditing of activity
* Uniform administration procedures for data
* Logical, structured organization on the data
* Single database schema

There are many types of database management systems significantly used by programmers these days. Each framework of database demands for different system resources to be constructed efficiently. In this case, you should approach a digital marketing company offering RIA application development and database management services.

What are the benefits of Rich Internet Application Development?

A Rich Internet Application is basically a web application designed to deliver the same features associated with desktop applications. This technology splits the processing across the Internet/network divide by locating the user interface on the client side, and the data manipulation and operation on the application server side.

The technology is visual, and able to work with different computing devices. Owing to this, it has caught attention of manufacturers that are looking to deliver information from different systems and data sources across in office, mobile systems and shop floor. Rich Internet Application Development Company suggests a number of benefits of RIAs such as:

Mobile Access to Information

A number of manufacturing systems can get benefit from mobile access. By making use of RIAs, you can access mission-critical information without visiting a static workstation. Mobile devices integrated with this technology can help you identify and resolve problems in different departments.

Enhanced Data Visualization

Spatial information would be easy to understand when displayed graphically. RIAs let you get pictures, videos, flow diagrams and animations that improve decision-making. If you are into a manufacturing business, the technology make you identify bottlenecks, which further enhances lean manufacturing procedures.

Integration Across Multiple Systems

Today every entrepreneur wants to harness multiple systems in order execute the business process in the most efficient manner. RIAs can pull data from multiple data sources and systems, so as to integrate all them on a single screen. It also offers drill-down to necessary detail.

Enhanced Interactivity

With features like drag & drop and other functionality that are available in desktop applications, RIAs offers enhanced interactivity. This implements the Web 2.0 philosophy of using the Web as a platform and SaaS.

If you want to take your digital business to the next level, you should opt for Rich Internet Application Development (RIAs). You can contact a software app development company for more information. So, call a reputed company in your vicinity right away.