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Points to keep in mind while selecting SEO & Internet Marketing Companies

To enhance your business or to make best visible place for your business internet marketing is very important. So while choosing SEO & internet marketing company, you must need to keep some points in mind so that you can choose the best company.

In order to choose the best internet marketing company that can aid you to reach wider customer base, consider following below mentioned tips:

* Firstly, you need to rate your goals. As in what precisely you are expecting the digital promoting company. Get a transparent plan of the goals and communicate with the service supplier so they are clear about your business desires.

* It is necessary to check the past record of a company in order to elucidate its goodwill in the market. Further, it will help you estimate whether the company is capable of providing the best results.

* It is usually recommended to go through numerous case studies of their past clients and you can ask for the clients’ reviews.

* You additionally have to understand what techniques they are using to derive organic results, enhance your visibility.

* Your digital marketing service provider should apply solely legitimate techniques as unethical apply will penalize your web site forever.

By keeping the above points in mind while choosing the internet marketing companies will take your business on the right track. It will make you good status along with increased customer base and revenue. There are many digital companies offering SEO services. The digital marketing companies practice white hat SEO tactics to derive organic results in search engine result pages (SERPs). You can approach a company offering all types SEO services to get the best results, and rank your website as high as possible. Further, these company offer services in accordance with Google algorithm that enhances your website visibility on various search engines.

Let your website speak volume about your business

A person browsing your website will take hardly 15-20 seconds to judge any website. And if your website fails to meet their expectations in terms of presentation or content, you will not be able to transform them into your client. This is the reason why many organizations look out for the best web solutions, especially they demand for custom web development.

Due of this reason, the web development industry is more inclined towards custom web development solutions. This technology is used for creating bespoke websites for promoting businesses online. With tailored websites, you can define your business’s uniqueness on the Internet.

Here are some benefits of having bespoke website solutions:


A site is conceptualized and developed for any businesses while keeping client’s needs and objectives in mind. That site will gain brownie points in terms of graphic design and lets your business outshine others on the web.

Fast to download

Customized webpages are boosted using various technologies so that they can be downloaded in as little time as possible. It makes website easy to approach by customers.

Makes website SEO-friendly

If you go for custom website solutions, it will enhance the relevant keywords that are related to your business, you can improve your rankings on search engine result pages. This tactic will do if you want to attract eyeballs of as many as customers.

Tailored solutions

With this tactic, you can personalize your website. Further, you can leverage a web designer’s creativity and imagination to showcase your business’s productive features on your website. By doing so, you will convert your visitors into valuable clients. This solution has gained popularity in web development for E-Commerce industry because it lets you in corporate features such as shopping carts, reviews, and so on to your website.

There are many digital marketing companies offering bespoke website designing solutions. For more information, you can approach a reliable one.

3 Tips for selecting the best internet marketing company

Any business—whether small or big—requires marketing its services or products on the web to achieve growth and become phenomenal. However, everyone—associated to the business of the web—asks a single question, “How do SEO & Internet Marketing Companies create the best online marketing experience?” The answer is a no-brainer, “Through customization.”

Nowadays, offering bespoke e-marketing services—especially while providing SEO and web based database management solutions—is necessary. Further, it is significant to have the support of a web marketing consultant in today’s business era that is dominated by the internet. The support from a team of web marketers—who understand your requirements and adapt their solutions accordingly—is desired by many businesses. However, today’s e-marketing sector is characterized by cowboy companies and marketers who are still wet behind their ears. And with the hard-earned bucks that you have put down to establish your business, you should let it get exposed to minimal risk. For this reason, here are the three key points that can guide you to choose the best e-marketing company.

Select an e-marketing company that spends time with your business

An ace internet marketer will always spend time in analyzing your business model and what the competitors are up to as far as e-business is concerned. Such companies often involve you to come up with an internet marketing solution that is economical and feasible.

A great e-marketing firm will avoid jargons

Most internet marketers, these days, use jargons and other lingoes; however, a leading e-marketing company will do otherwise. It breaks down such difficult concepts so that you understand them and become more familiar with the current scenario of your company’s e-business.

Search your would-be e-marketer on the web before signing the dotted line

Carry out a search by typing “web marketing companies” followed by your city’s name. A good internet marketing firm will show up in the first five pages of the search results.

Bear these three points in mind and choose the best internet marketing partner for your business.

Know when your business requires bespoke software

Many businesses, by and large, function smoothly by leveraging the services of off-the-shelf software. However, things get a little out of hand when your business starts to grow. As and when business networks expand, they require a program that is tailored to meet their specific requirements. For this reasons, many development companies offer a range of software development services.

Every company having a specific challenge—that remains unmet with generic software—should go for customized software. However, how will you know that your business requires a bespoke software solution? It is simple. Just ask yourself the following questions, and you will find the right answer.

Questions to be answered by you—the business leader

•Does my business’s process require any specific change?
•Will the specific business process improve if I weed out dated applications?
•Does my business’s process need to be flexible?
•Currently, how much funds are spent to carry out operations that can be otherwise performed using software?
•Do the existing off-the-shelf programs require any type of customizations for streamlining my business’s processes?
•Do my business’s departments require software for proper coordination? Will this coordination help in improving the business’s efficiency in any way?

If—for any of the above question—your answer is affirmative, then your business does requires customized software. For businesses of any type or size, customization—in some way—holds the golden key to success. Just like custom web development, a bespoke software solution can boost a business’s process, thus, improving its efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Another important factor is to make a reliable software development firm your business associate. Presently, the market is infested with cowboy developers and programmers who can’t handle business projects efficiently. So, beware and choose wisely the one that has a rich portfolio and experience to support its claims of technological marvels.

Benefits as well as challenges of HTML5 web application development

Deciding right away whether HTML5 is apt for your business requirements or not is just like jumping the gun. First, we should understand what HTML5 is all about.

An overview of HTML5

HTML5 is a type of programming language that creates apps as well as webpage content that adapts as per the desktop and mobile browsers. Being an advanced version of the legacy HTML, the programming language supports a range of fresh features, comprising audio and video streaming, additional storage capacity, and easy integration with several device-specific tools. The most beneficial feature of HTML5 is compatibility, i.e., the language is responsible for designing programs running on several platforms. The approach—HTML5 Web Application Development—comes with a range of benefits. Let us read two of the most important ones.


Enhancing accessibility:

A site that is designed using HTML5 can become easily accessible because of two main reasons:

• Semantics
• Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

Fresh HTML headings such as <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <nav>, and <section> enable screen readers to access content without any hassles. Prior to the latest version of HTML, screen readers could not determine what any <div> was. However, with the newly launched semantic tags, it has become simpler for readers to examine a particular HTML document and enrich user experience.

Leverage ARIA to give specific roles to elements that are located in an HTML document. These elements are required for creating specific landmark upon a page—such as footer, header, and article navigation.

Supporting video and audio:

Enable visitors to view your videos and audios by leveraging the specific <video> and <audio> tags present in HTML5. Now, you or your webmaster will not require grappling with third-party media players or Flash Player for playing media. You only need to use tags such as <object> and <embed> and assign a list of parameters to make the object visible and running smoothly upon a website.

However, for making the most of these benefits, you require using HTML5 properly. And for using the programming language effectively, you need the support of an experienced team of developer. We, at Flexsin, offer a range of HTML5 development services and ASP Dot Net Development solutions. Touch base today to leverage the programming language in a way that can help your business grow.

Know What Search Engine Expects from an SEO Professional

Before going to kick off search engine optimization, it is essential to understand what the search engine expects from you while optimizing a particular website. There is a set of algorithm, which is indispensable rule for SEO professionals to follow, if the optimization is bound to bring results within a stipulated timeframe.

Search engine like Google does never allow the SEO professionals to conduct unprincipled activities. It is not a hidden fact that numbers of websites are penalized by Google every year because of unethical procedures of optimization. Some search engine optimization agencies prefer going through back-hat SEO procedures in order to get the result quickly, but they never know, they are damaging the inheritance of websites by applying wrong methods and doing unacceptable activities.

Here are some key points that a search engine will always disapprove:

Keyword stuffing: This is the most heinous SEO activity that bring negative outcome to the website. Though, it may advance the visibility of a website on search engine, but its outcome does never turn to be beneficial for the website. Overuse of keywords in promotional contents can damage the stand of a website severely.
Purchased links: It was the most preferred SEO activity in yester-years when the professionals used to purchase number of links and get them optimized on various web locations. But, these days it is completely unavoidable. Google takes the purchased links as spam.

Poor content management: Google doesn’t admire those websites that have poor content management system. Google prominently promotes those websites that cater good user-experience. Such website comes to the top automatically. On the other hand, you website should also have better performance in terms of navigation. It reduces the bounce-back rate.
While optimizing a website, you should always keep the basics of SEO in your mind and be informed of the updates made by Google.

Understand How a Custom Website Can Take Your Business to the multitude

Do you need a website that can reflect your business and professionalism? It’s a good change to kick off your business statement in your way. You have a unique business that deserves to be diffused through a well-designed and informative website that can provide all the things in a systematic manner. With custom web development, it becomes easy for you to address your target audiences effectively in a way what they love. Custom web development companies in the market are coming up with a range of solutions to all kinds of businesses.

What makes a custom website viable for the modern-day businesses?

It is friendlier to search engine:

The websites include all those technical traits what make it friendlier with search engines. The developers leave so many spaces for SEO professionals build a custom website that can further be optimized periodically in accordance with the Google’s algorithm.

It comes to top position on search engine:

Custom websites are found to be more reactive and responsive whenever the relevant keywords are Googled. It provides great visibility experience to the readers who always want to come back to your website, if he/she wants to know about the products.

It includes better content management system:

Though you are publishing the same information what is available at other website, but the way to publish content makes a difference. Custom web application development has now made it possible for the developers to get a manageable and functional content management system that display your information in a better way.

It features appealing widgets:
For the best part of your website, you can add your widgets to your website. It makes your website appear real and genuine. Your audiences will certainly understand what you want to communicate with your target audiences.

5 Easy Tips to Build an Online Store for E-commerce

With continuously competitive advancements Store for in e-commerce industry, the technology involved in website development has also progressed at the same time, introducing high-end framework and advanced mechanism. These days, the languages used in modern-day e-commerce websites include PHP, Python, Magento, ASP.Net, and many more. The advancement in web development has benefited both the consumer and the business-owner in several ways. Where the consumer finds the website more interactive and user-friendly while shopping online, simultaneously the business-owner finds the best opportunity to reach out to the maximum prospects in wider geographical area.

So, with the importance of a well-designed website, it is an inescapable thing to oversee some important points while selecting a web developer for e-commerce industry. Here are five easy tips to build your own online store, offering remarkable interface and better shopping experience to the customers.

Smartphone is future: According to a survey, the online shopping is largely influenced by smartphone users. More than 60% of the buyers search an e-commerce website using their smartphones. That’s why; it is the foremost step for developers to build a website smartphone-friendly so as to address the smartphone users. The website should later be optimized in such a way that your e-commerce website appears on the top in search results on smartphones.

Sign-up and action buttons: Your website should always have shortest sign-up forms that can get all the possible information about your customers. Though, your ultimate goal is to retain the buyers on your online store, you should avoid adding any extra features that can cause them to leave the store.

Option to purchase without registration: Most importantly, you should allow your buyers to shop through your website without registration. It makes them feel happy when he/she finds that it doesn’t require filling forms before purchasing goods from the website.

Search-friendly: If a buyer finds a particular website friendly in searching a specific product, he/she would always prefer to visit your store and make some purchase. For the feature, the developer utilizes advanced web based database management system to enable your website to respond quickly.

Navigation: Last but not least, your website should have navigation facility that can allow the buyers to track their purchase process. Without the navigation, it would be boredom for the buyers to know their activities on your online store. They always prefer to know how many procedures they have completed and how many more are there to complete.

Common web development mistakes less experienced web developers make

Every day, thousands of new websites are developed and existing ones are restructured so that they can help website owners get connected to their targeted audience and online users can get accurate data and information swiftly. That is why all websites should be interactive, communicative and creative in order to avoid any inconvenience faced by end users of the websites. There is a long list of web development mistakes that are commonly encountered on the web. But, some of them are very common that web developers can’t afford at all while developing websites.

Web developers having less experience in custom web development and application web development can make a real difference to their jobs if they consider some of the mentioned-below mistakes and avoid them to get the best output. These include.

• Tend to project personal problems as community problems.
• Building too much attractive extra features.
• Modifying inflexible codes that are consistently used by clients.
• Launching products, having too many bugs, too early to get feedback.
• Caring too much about writing codes than solving customers’ problems.
• Ignoring company’s overall objectives, strategy and customers; focusing more the products list and adding more features to the product category.
• Failure to understand latest web development trends and sticking to the traditional and ineffective web development strategies.
• Planning out features of websites on the basis of code easiness.

These are the most common and real problems that every web developer who can’t think outside the box face while giving websites a new and redefined shape. If these problems are considered in advance, it is easy to make a website highly functional, interactive and user-friendly matching the exact needs of all who are directly or indirectly associated with it. People interested in getting the best web solutions need to take services of a professional, licensed, experienced and reputed custom web development company.

Mobile Application Capitalizes Upon the New Mobile Technology for Your Business

A survey from The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) reveals that more than 75% of the total world’s population is subscribed to mobile phones and most of them stay online 24×7. Interestingly, the survey finds that about more than half of the total mobile phone subscribers do prefer purchasing goods and services from their phones. It is not a static figure, as the numbers of mobile phone subscribers and buyers is ascending gradually. It is really a wonderful data for those businessmen who look forward to catching up more and more prospective buyers through all the possible media.

So, the question is that how will you take advantage of new mobile phone technology, when everything is going online? It is very simple to answer; simply build a mobile application that is accustomed to the mobile phones.

Mobile phone application is an especially-designed program that runs on smartphones, iPads, and Android Tablets to meet some certain objectives. The applicability of a mobile app is not limited to only sales or marketing; rather it is also useful for those companies who prefer updating their resources with news feeds associated with their corporate activities and new offerings.

What your business can benefit from custom mobile application development: -

•    Improving customer services,
•    Engrossing prospective buyers in your services and products,
•    Infusing more loyalty into your brands,
•    Cutting down the inherent cost of your business using automated application,
•    Alluring new buyers and creating deep engagement between them,
•    Facilitating easy-to-share content among the mobile phone subscribers,
•    Opening new vista for making new stream of revenues.

In course of mobile app development, the developers utilize very systematic and calculative techniques so as to meet the business needs appropriately. Right from defining the scope and target audiences to creating concepts and user interface (UI), the developers have to prioritize all those significant elements that reflect the business with interactive interface.

While designing user interfaces (UI) for a mobile application, the developers have to work on some important elements such as constraints, texts, screen, input, and flexibility. A mobile app should address users’ limited attentions, and it should be highly result-oriented, with nominal functions.

According to Gartner, an American Information Technology research and advisory group, Apple App Store had registered more than 60 billions total apps download last year. Moreover, Android’s Google Play had published more than 1 million applications and more than half of them were downloaded in the last year.

Knowing this amazing data over mobile phone application, it is unquestionable to say that the new mobile phone technology offers immense opportunities to the businesses from all domains to create the new stream of revenues and finally a great source to make profits.