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Top benefits of RIA applications development services

Rich Internet Applications (or RIAs) have literally changed the entire scenario of web application development. Generally, it is also known as next generation of web app development. It is a java rich traditional internet application which is designed with nearly parallel features and functions of graphical desktop applications. It follows a modal software development that includes effective data and multimedia skills.

Rich internet applications (RIA)

RIAs are powerful, fast, easy to use, and are best in simplifying complicated processes. It can be operated substantially faster than traditional Web applications; this is how it speeds the online interaction of customers with the website. It is advantageous in delivering unique and interactive experience to the users to focus on their main objective.

The presence of RIA made the latest advancement noticeable in internet technology allowing web based applications to act more like desktop applications. This is popular in combining the best user interface functionality of desktop applications with web application features. RIA desktop applications development services offer your company with reliable and groundbreaking solutions aimed at serving your unique business requirements.

Advantages of RIA application development services

* Cost effective modern applications
* With the help of internet, users can use application from any computer
* Users get richer and more engaging experience
* Help you to increase your customer loyalty and thus generate high ROI
* Automatically upgrades the apps to their newer version
* Assists you to meet the requirements of users

Like RIA, PHP web development solutions have also revolutionized the way of representing businesses. It is mostly used for the development of various innovative web applications. It is mainly known as an open source scripted language written in C and powered by Zend engine. PHP can be helpful to those individuals who have basic knowledge about programming and wish to create a browser application on their own.

5 Important Advantages of PHP in Web Development

Being termed as a server side scripting language, PHP has become one of the most sought-after languages, which are used largely by the web developers. Apart from the reality the web development languages do have some drawbacks; PHP holds some most impressive benefits for web development.

Here the write-up details 5 important advantages that your website can be instilled in your website using PHP language.

# Easy to understand:

Compared to other languages, PHP is somehow easier and more convenient to understand. The developers don’t have to spend much more hours in understanding the language. It is syntax, being easy and command-based functions, which make it much convenient to understand.

# Familiar syntax:

PHP web development is said to be more convenient particularly for those who have a good experience in other languages.

# Efficient performance:

Based on your way to code the language in a web development, the efficiency of your website gets increased. In fact, it is said to be scalable language, when it comes to writing codes and creating applications.

# No cost on using the language:

Because PHP is an open source web development language, you don’t need to pay for the language. It is completely free.

# Responsive web development:

RIA application development is now highly feasible with the help of advanced PHP language. You can have a responsive website that owns the quality of smoothness and user-friendliness.

So, the benefits mentioned above are very important while developing a website using PHP languages. So many web development companies have started using the language so as to build a dynamic and scalable website.

Revolutionize your business with SEO & Internet Marketing Companies

SEO & Internet marketing is an exciting feature only when you stay up on modern trends. There are many changes—new hardware, new software, new companies, and new user preferences—occurred in so many years. If you seriously wish to grow your business, you have to adopt the latest trends as it is known “The early bird catches the worm”.

Latest Trends of Internet (or Online) Marketing

Increase in video ads: These ads are not new in industry, but it is little bit different from the day when Google has finally stepped on board with in-SERP video advertising. This is a proof that users’ are happily accepting online video ads. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Web Development for E-Commerce Industry has also adopted this trend for the effective and beneficial features.

Mobile is dominating the importance of desktop: Mobile phones are on the rise for use as cameras, travel planning, product and service research, garnering peer reviews, online shopping, gaming and more. Google has lastly announced that mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in different countries. Mobile focused online marketing is a comfortable and convenient way to be in touch with all the activities of your business.

Digitalization brings a new kind of optimization: Social and search integration is not a new trend, but a growing one. Due to constant algorithm updates from the big search engine players, it is clear that quality of social content matters. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are two extremely popular approaches for getting your site seen by thousands of visitors. Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana do utilize traditional search engines, but only when necessary to find information.

You can take all the advantages of all the above mentioned trends by just hiring one of the best SEO & Internet Marketing Companies.

What the RIA application development is all about?

Rich Internet Application (RIA)—often called next-gen of web application development—is a web application that integrates the features and functionality of conventional desktop applications. It has ability to support rich graphics and streaming media scenario, while ensuring maximum deployment and maintainability benefits of a web application.

Primarily, RIA technologies include AJAX—a combination of JavaScript, dynamic HTML and an asynchronous server request interface; Flash—a plug-in technology from Adobe; Flex—a variation on Flash; Silverlight—a plug-in technology which includes a subset of the .Net Framework; and Curl—an object-oriented language with embedded HTML markup.

RIA application development has the ability to run extensive and complex client-side code, reducing the load on the web server.     This technology offers a “no-refresh” look to the user interface while providing HDuX- High Definition User eXperience. Applications based on RIA application bring the best of client-server and web technology for an end users. This has created an urge to adopt the technology for ISVs and E-businesses.

This technology follows a standard software development model, including data and multimedia capabilities, which further allow developers to deliver information in an attractive interface. Along with this, it delivers excellent customizable output with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) based model.

This web application development promises to take web development to the next level with following advantages:

Enhanced responsiveness and interactivity: This web development technology pushes much of the processing to the client-side, resulting in reduced network traffic and improved response.  When a user clicks on an URL, the corresponding section of the page reloads not the entire website, which provides continuous visual references.

Enhanced user interface: It is capable of providing rich user interface similar to desktop applications, including audio, video, graphical elements, and other visualization elements.

Board Reach: This web development technology makes most of the internet to allow users to access applications anytime, anywhere through any authorized user.

Real-time communication: This technology enables users to share any kind of information over the internet through real-time communication channels.

For more information on RIA application and other web development technologies, such as PHP Web Development, HTML5, etc., you can approach an IT consultant.

Top 6 reasons why you should go for a custom website

If you want to make your presence felt in online space, then the only thing that you need is a website. A website is the first impress of your company, speaking volumes about your business and achievement. It helps you catch eyes of potential clients. Thus, you have to create a well-thought website for your business. Now, it depends upon you whether you want to have a custom website or go with free templates. Selecting a free template is economic as you do not have to expend a big amount of money for this, but there is no guarantee whether it will benefit your business or not. In this case, you can consider getting Custom Web Development services to have a tailored website.

A tailored website offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Enhanced SEO

A custom designed website is considered to be more SEO-friendly than a free template. With a SEO-friendly website, you can create a niche in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), which helps your business proliferate. Custom websites are specifically designed while keeping in mind techniques of SEO, so your business can scale high rank and becomes visible to potential clients on the internet.

Enhanced user interface

Web developers make most of the latest web development technologies while creating a custom website to provide excellent user interface and navigation experience. This helps you grab the attention of the potential clients visiting your website.

Manifests your zeal for the business

A well-thought and professional-looking website helps you leave a long lasting expression on visitors, hence increasing chances of transforming visitors into long-term customers, which generates more sales.

Enhanced Customizability

You can get a tailored website customized as per the latest trend. If you have e-Commerce website, you can get the user-interface changed in order to provide your customers excellent browsing experience.

Enhanced brand promotion

You can use the website to showcase your brochure, signage, quality content, logo, etc., which help you promote your business and make it stand out of the run-of-the-mill websites.

For more information or get a website designed, you can approach certified web designing and development companies.

Make a smart digital move to enhance your business’s reach

It is a world of competition. And, yes, being competitive is essential for achieving success. In business, competition is mandatory. To beat the fierce competition that characterizes today’s business environment, online presence plays a vital role. And your business can create an effective online presence with a well-designed website.

There are many ways to build a website—Static HTML, Flash and the like. For developing a website, a webmaster will use a scripting language. Nowadays, PHP is widely accepted scripting language that is a quick and safe for developing a site.

Benefits of PHP web development

* The scripting language helps in building user-friendly websites. Plus, they are compatible with different visual applications—Flash, Ajax and Flex. The high compatibility of the language is beneficial for website developers; in this way, they can use any technology that they wish while web development is underway.

* It is also compatible with different operating systems—Mac, Linux, Windows and even MySQL database server.

* It is an open-source language related to programming. Being open source makes the language’s demand to go up.

* It can be used to manage more than one database simultaneously and provides great functionality for database management.

* PHP language is able to drive more traffic to websites as it is search engine friendly.

* Last but not least, it offers high performance with reliability.

SEO & Internet marketing companies offer progressive web marketing solutions. They drive traffic and convert visitors into permanent customers from all over the globe. These companies offer a variety of digital marketing services, including PPC, SMO, SEO and reputation management. All these services help businesses to get found easily on the web through keywords.

Online exposure of any business is able to generate more targeted leads, improve sales and increase liberal productive web traffic.

A few tips for hiring the best web application company

Quality comes second to none while programming the finest of web apps. Application Web Development, nowadays, is adopted by every business to grow and excel. However, developing applications for the internet is easier said than done. Presently, many companies are engaged in the business of web app development. However, you have to cherry-pick the best of the bunch; the one that can do justice with your idea of a business application. A few tips that you have to keep in mind while selecting your web application development partner are mentioned below.

Beware of sloppy programmers

The most important requisite for embarking on a project of web development for e-commerce industry or educational sector is: Programmers should know how to ply their trade. Most app development companies hire naïve programmers. But you should be careful as the selected team of developers will work toward either creating or breaking your business app. While hiring a web app developing firm, it is better to interview the firm’s developers for gauging the depth of their knowledge.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

You should not hire developers just because they have a bunch of degrees. Some people have bookish knowledge, but they do not know how to accomplish real-time coding endeavors. It is advisable that you should give coders a little logic test to judge their practical knowledge.

Determine whether the company follows an established framework or a coding standard

It is important to look for a company that follows a specific web application framework. By deploying a standardized web app framework, the entire process of coding becomes streamlined. That is so because having a web app framework can enable designers as well as coders to work concurrently on the same project request.

So, bear in mind these simple tips and select the best web app developer as your business associate.

Five tips for designing the best e-commerce websites

While shopping online, when was the last time you rang the online customer support staff? The chances are slim…probably never. And that is true. As per research works, the rate of cart abandonment is 60 percent—that too happening before the entire checkout process begins. And such low rate of cart abandonment is because e-commerce website, nowadays, has an intuitive and user-friendly design. Now, let us read a few of the latest trends in web development for e-commerce industry.

The fundamentals of e-commerce web designing

Design for customers and not for yourself

This concept is age old but very effective. While designing, you should avoid creating a website that might be appealing to you but not to your end users/target audiences. As a webmaster of an e-commerce site, you should keep your customers in mind. Work closely with SEO specialists and site analytics department to know who all are visiting your website the most. Start designing the website based on the likes and tastes of the analyzed demographic.

Enrich user experience

In the business of internet marketing—especially e-commerce—brand loyalty is a must-have. And if your business is new, then cultivate brand loyalty. A brand image can be strengthened or created by designing an appealing site. However, many webmasters are under the impression that their website is high on usability, so, it contributes to improving user experience. Sadly, that is not the case. Usability and user experience are related, but they are not the same; user experience is often neglected. Making a site usable is equal to developing a site that is easy to navigate. But for enriching user experience, you can:

•    Resort to RIA application development
•    Incorporate classy, relevant content on every webpage
•    Put images that are authentic and have world-class quality
•    Simplify the checkout process
•    Strengthen user’s security

These two points must be kept in mind to create e-commerce sites that can revolutionize the world of e-shopping.

Top questions to ask before hiring a web development company

Choosing a web development company is a crucial decision. You are not only giving a web development project in a company’s hands, but also entrusting it with a responsibility to come up with an attractive online identity for your business. However, you can recruit the best custom web development company by asking the prospective partners the following questions. Read on.

How the company prices its services

Every web development firm has a certain price structure. However, you need to analyze whether the services are justly priced or not. You can do so by asking the company the following questions:

o    What is the company’s size and how many of its webmasters have adequate qualifications?
o    What is the deadline that the company will commit to for finishing the project?
o    Is the company following a clear billing procedure?
o    Does the cost of project match with the deliverables that the company has agreed to deliver?

Have a look at the company’s portfolio

For checking the quality of work that the company promises to deliver, you require to view its track record closely. Most certified web designing and development companies have their portfolio ready to show to their prospects. After analyzing the company’s portfolio, you should ask its project managers and customer representatives the following set of questions:

o    What types of clients the web development firm is comfortable working with?
o    How many clients has it worked with?
o    Does it have any type of figures or client testimonials to prove its laurels?
o    What does the company do to retain its clients?
o    What is the company’s rate of repeat business?
o    What is the bounce rate on the sites that are developed by the company?

These questions, once asked, will help you to cherry-pick the web developers from a nearly endless variety.

Why PHP web development has become important

Being a server-side scripting language—as opposed to JavaScript, which is a client-side scripting language—PHP is one the widely used web development programming languages of today. Most webmasters are smitten with the scripting language for enhancing a website’s functions as well as appearance. They rely on PHP whenever they have to create dynamic webpages or provide bespoke web solutions.

Another factor that has made PHP a reliable web development language is its ability to be used with HTML. Last but not least, the programming language is easy to use and comprises simple techniques and formats.

Now, let us read benefits of PHP Web Development in detail.

Syntax is familiar

If you have little programming expertise with Perl and C, then you will grasp PHP easily. It is because PHP’s syntax is based on the syntax of both of these programming languages.

PHP community is expansive and helpful

A PHP community is vast, so, if you get stuck while programming, you can approach the website. Apart from the website, there are numerous online communities and forums that can solve a developer’s queries.

A PHP-based website is affordable

A website that is developed using this web development language is easy to create, change, and customize. For this reason, many leading web development companies offer a wide range of RIA development services, and the most prominent one being PHP web development solutions.

The web development language is easy to understand

When compared with other programming languages, PHP does not require extensive study, i.e., you do not have to spend a lot time researching books and manuals. The syntax of the programming language includes command functions and logics that are easy to understand and simple to use.

High data processing capability

A website that is developed using this web development language has the capacity to process huge chunks of data quickly and without any technical glitches.

These points clearly state the significance of PHP in the development of the World Wide Web.