Database management applications- Offering user-friendly database

Database management system (DBMS) is a computerized record keeping system. It is the collections of reports, tables, views, queries, objects etc. It is a computer software application which interacts with the user. It is a special software that manages the organization, access, storage, security and integrity of data in a structured database. It includes MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and so on. The examples of database management applications are:

* Computerized library systems
* Flight reservation systems
* Banking (All transactions)
* Sales (Customers, purchase and products)
* Human Resources (employee records, tax deductions, salaries etc.)
* Manufacturing (Production, orders, supply chain)

Uses of Database management system

* Better decision making
* User-friendly
* Easy to understand
* Data sharing and sharing
* Excellent access to accurate data
* Ensures error free details
* Security and integrity of data
* Effective and efficient management of data

Benefits of DBMS

It is a system which refers to handling and management the data which is commonly used in small, medium and large organizations to allow the collection of data.

Key advantages of a DBMS:

* Accuracy – Organizations use DBMS to maintain accuracy of information. With this, they are able to enforce high standards.
* Easy data control- With this system, all users can get firsthand data without making new copies. It helps to remove duplication from single application program.
* Data security – is one of the most significant features of database management system. Data is only restricted to those who are certified to operate it.
* Reuse of data code – Each part of database management system can reuse code from other sections or modules.
* Excellent processing speed – The responsiveness of data management using computer systems is far better than to linear computer applications.

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