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Software Development: Time to Look into the Latest Trends

With the advancement in IT, software development has matured rapidly with great dynamic features. In fact, it has helped numbers of companies and individuals to amplify their businesses in a very beautiful way. To be more competitive in the market, companies require being diligently associated with their consumers and being flexible with any changes what the users are looking for. Because of it, the customary technique of software development is being swiped with new and more responsive models.

These days, software is a key to success for several computer systems. It is largely utilized to ease the decision making for an organization and the procedures of scientific research and other technical problem solving. Moreover, for medical, transportation, manufacturing, telecommunication and other domains, software makes everything simpler and more convenient.
Benefits of software for an organization: -

•    Reducing cost and advancing productivity,
•    Increasing flexibility in terms of changes that users look for,
•    Helping a company to get a competitive advantage,
•    Increasing company’s efficiency and values

These days, the technology is changing its way very swiftly and the software development companies cannot stay away from the latest trends which are making great difference in the software development.

Here, the blog would be looking into the crystal ball to find the latest and the hottest trends in software development. Find them below: -
Cloud computing: -

These days, cloud computing is alluring numbers of organizations and companies, because of its simple and flexible attributes. Cloud computing software has made it simpler and easier for companies to turn their operations agile with high accuracy. It also helps them in protecting important data from the unidentified malware. Cloud computing is going to be very hottest software development trend in years to come.

Agile methods: -

Agile methods have become much sought-after technique among the software developers, as it allows the software developers to deal with critical issues emerged within the application. Though, it came to existence long year before, but it is turning the hottest trend in software development because of unfailingly altering business requirements.

Agile software development method is a set of technique which is primarily aimed at promoting adaptive planning, continual advancement and flexible responses to the alternation. It is an intangible model that focuses on developing functioning software with minimal amount of work.

Mobile technology-driven software: -

With the emergence of mobile phone technology, software development companies have shifted most of their priorities to mobile-based software development. People prefer doing various tasks on their smartphones so as to keep the pace with the most dynamic world these days. Developers are building mobile-based software application so as to help the visitors with utmost expediency.

Unit testing: -

Unit testing is another trend in software development, which is paving a new corridor in the software domain. It is the latest method to test the programed software in a different way. The programmers can refactor the program at a later date to check it and they ensure that the module is functioning appropriately.

Adding substantial functionality and features to your website with PHP

In today’s interactive world, the definition of a website is somewhat different from that of the same as it was about a decade ago. These days, everyone looks forward to standing out in the cutthroat market through the most interactive website. It is good to have a simple website that caters information to the users; but it will never appeal to the visitors to come back every so often, if it doesn’t have dynamic features. People prefer interacting with you through your engaging website.

Fortunately, we have PHP programing tool that plays great role in building an interactive website with additional features and applications. Commonly speaking, PHP can bring substantial functionality to your website, what HTML cannot do alone. These days, PHP website design consultancies, across the globe, are utilizing PHP programing tools to infuse more functionality and dynamic features in websites. It works more beautifully with those websites which are programmed on the HTML language.

Top great reasons to start with PHP: -

1.    Interactive features: – The website, enriched with PHP script, lets you interact with the visitors in several ways. It includes simple communicative features like e-mail forms and useful elements like shopping carts to help the website interact with visitors based on their past orders and similar products they have searched most.

2.    Accustomed to HTML language: – PHP is technically well-attuned with HTML-based websites. If your website is developed on HTML script language, it is fairly better to have it tuned with PHP. Both the language scripts are rather switchable within the webpage.
3.    Easy to know: – PHP is believed to be much easier to start with. What you need to do is to know the basics and you can start tweaking your website in accordance with your needs.

4.    Convenient for the users: – Apart from the content and information on a website, it is rather more important to provide utmost expediency to the visitors. PHP allows them to get registered with your website. It helps them keep their records and search history safe and unexploited. The users’ information is warehoused in MySQL database with encoded passwords.

5.    Redirecting users to the new page: – PHP website design tools are used to redirect the users to a new webpage. The redirection task is accomplished from server side and consequently, it is more convenient than the redirection task with HTML-based website.

Beyond the above points, PHP allows you to do some smart things to your website. They are: -

•    You can create calendar for a specific month on your website.
•     You can rotate advertisement or any quotes on your website.
•    You can add a web forum to your website. PHP is widely known to be the effective script language to create a web forum.
•    PHP makes you know how many visitors have clicked on your website. You can add hit counter page to your website.

Qualitative benefits of Web Development for E-Commerce Industry

The term Web Development encompasses everything that comes under the process of developing a website. The website development ranges from developing simple to complex websites on the Internet and it is beneficial for internet applications, social networking sites or online business portals. The demand for web development services is on the rise in the market due to the growing use of online mediums for advertising, selling and marketing. The responsibility of developing a website is, usually, on a web developer who strictly focuses on the functioning of a site. The job of a developer is to make all possible efforts to run a site effectively through programming and scripting.

Nowadays, web development services are highly required and recommended for E-commerce websites. In modern scenario, where almost every business is dependent on e-commerce technologies, there is an essential need of contemporary and updated services that helps an e-business to run successfully and effectively. A good e-business website not merely requires attractiveness, but efficient development that includes the latest technologies for the better functioning of the sites. Various aspects which are the part of the web development procedure for e-commerce includes web content development, web designing, scripting, network and security configuration.

Core benefits of web development for E-commerce

•    Reduces marketing costs by getting much closer to customers.
•    Ensures profitable returns.
•    Ensures online safety for a business.
•    Induces effectiveness of e-business procedure.
•    Helps in building a healthy relationship between the business and client.

How to select reliable web development company?

If you are seeking a proficient web developer or Web Development Company for your business then look for someone with extensive experience in the industry. A web development company should be capable of providing cost effective results on time. An efficient web development company would be able to provide wide-ranging services for your business that includes-

•    Custom Web Development
•    Web Application Development
•    Enterprise Portal Development
•    Database Development
•    E-Commerce Solutions
•    CMS Solutions
•    CRM Solutions.

When you are in search for web developing services for an E-business, please ensure that the company is able to provide you the following services prior to hiring it.

•    It offers customized resolutions for product setup and demand satisfaction.
•    Innovative and facile techniques for installing an additional retail location.
•    Provides customized methods for order tracking and account management.
•    Presents your goods or services to the global marketplace.
•    Offer constant support.
•    Page tracking and inventory management analysis for future changes.
•    Delivers cost effective shopping cart functionalities.

Carefully use the above mentioned information to select a perfect developer for a successful E-business.

Manage customer information better with database management applications

Managing customer information has always been a crucial part of the businesses of all sizes and types. With databases, it is easy to store and retrieve information in a perfect manner. That is why databases are developed and maintained by businesses. Almost a decade ago, it was not easy to develop and maintain a huge database as traditional apps were difficult in nature and used to consume time. With the advent of database application development, system operations have become very easy, apps can be easily run on existing functional servers and ensure fast performance in the least amount of time.
The primary purpose of building database management application is to enter and retrieve relevant data from a computerized database. In the modern competitive world, databases of all sizes and types are updated regularly so that end users can solve their queries in a perfect manner. A database management app can make a real difference to your database as these apps are:

-Easy to develop and maintain databases.
-Fit for the deployment of applications in the real world in real time.
-Perfect for scalable services.
-Ideal to synchronize databases.
-Useful for the smooth functioning for various corporate applications.
-Right to save on time and cost.
-Suitable for the migration of apps with their format and integrity intact.

Database app development solves different queries that help business enterprises work in a perfect manner. These solutions are equally useful for all big, medium or small organizations as these offer real time features and build database driven software. With database apps, it is easy to  navigate the underlying database and have effective navigation solutions at a very reasonable cost. The process of database application development includes:

-Database designing.
-Database optimization.
-Database administration.
-Data extraction.
-Data conversion.
-Data maintenance.
-Data backup.
-Web based database management.

Database application development assists businesses keep the track of the customers concerning their exact needs. It also assists in increasing the track productivity of sales and organizing  database for having adequate support.  The app provides complete solutions for businesses through a desktop or server database software ensuring more saving on cost and time. The apps can effectively increase the productivity of an individual and can meet the industry standards. It is also helpful in turning ideas into a practical reality with the assistance from the computer programs.
Interestingly. database management applications can be developed using different types of technologies: Java script, ASP.NET, java or Python.

HTML5 App Development

Harnessing the potential of the cutting edge HTML5 technology for out-of-the-box mobile apps

For the development and designing of scalable websites and web applications, global software and web development companies like to abide by the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) due to its enriched features. It is quite clear that the technology has been an exception amongst the most favored, demonstrated and premier advancement stage for web planning and improvement.

HTML is enriched with a number of features that make it first choice all web programmers who want to build interactive, communicative and creative web apps. These include:

-Video and audio support.
-Cleaner codes.
-Perfect storage.
-Improved interaction.
-Game development.
-Browser support.
-Good for mobile projects.

HTML5 is a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript specifications engineered to perfection so that web developers can build futuristic and real time web sites and applications.

HTML5 = HTML + CSS + JavaScript

In today’s highly competitive world, it has become necessary to interact with the targeted audience with feature-rich and business-centric mobile apps that are not only robust but also scalable. And it can be made possible with the effective use of the markup language. Today, the language is perfect for inventive and cutting edge mobile applications for various industry verticals. Mobile apps developed with the language carry all essential features that are vital for ensuring performance and acquiring latest technology trends.

Being written in Java Script, the language is capable of running in web browsers and is considered as a preferred standard for creating cross-platform mobile apps. It is also very convenient to go for iPhone and Ipad app development using HTML5. With the effective use of the markup language, users can expect robust audio and video support and advanced device storage capabilities. The language is equally useful for incorporating auto-updating in major browsers. More importantly, it also extends greater flexibility at diminished costs.

When it comes to adjoining the stability and performance of native apps with the web, HTML5 mobile application development gets an edge as it helps web developers build fast, responsive, secure, and attractive apps that are compatible across multiple, proven platforms. Other striking features that make the language highly useful for the web developers are cross platform compatibility, enhanced 2D and 3D effects and video and audio playback, without having any sort of support from third party plug-ins.

Thus, the core technology markup language is supported by the latest mobile browsers and is the best for structuring and presenting online content. Moreover, it paves ways for the development of fully functional and enticing apps that function smoothly and flawlessly on mobiles.

RIA to deliver a unique user experience ensuring web distribution and user-interaction

RIA needs no introduction; it is widely known as a web-based application that works like a desktop application which has a powerful engaging quality. It delivers outstanding user experience and can be effectively deployed across multiple browsers. Known for rendering interactive, distinctive and eye-catching user interface, RIA can be conveniently activated across numerous browsers, desktops and mobile devices. That is why it is ideally suitable for online gaming and online word processor too.

Google Maps and Google Docs are the most prominent examples of RIA application development. It transfers processes to web clients and retain the amount of bulk data on the application server. To develop RIA apps using different frameworks, web developers give importance to a number of web techniques such as Ajax, GWT, Adobe Flash, Curl, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, or Java. The highly feature-driven software application is all about user experience and has some basic qualities. These include:

-Endorsement of connectivity.
-Supportive responsiveness.
-Natural and futuristic.

RIA application development makes a real difference as it is capable of manipulating vector,  mastering graphics, creating interactive visualizations, and inducing highly interactive apps. RIA is equally beneficial for both desktop and the web. Generally, desktop apps deliver better user interactivity than the web apps that are bounded by software distribution and updates. On the other hand, web apps are free from sticking to software distribution and multiple updates. That is why these apps are easy to access online, but they lack in user interactivity. Interestingly, RIAs are distributed online and ensure rich user interactivity.

RIA ensures end-users a browsing experience that is perfectly amalgamated with features of software distribution and interaction for having higher conversion rates. RIA is genuinely capable of offering better configurations. Moreover, they also allow embedding of videos and content without facing any sort of hassle or inconvenience. The word ‘RIA’ consists of the concept of three words that include richness, the world wide web and application. RIAs deliver a stupendously rich user experience as richness makes web apps more connected, refined, responsive and effective. That is why RIAs are more natural and offer a unique user experience.

Today, RIA is seen as a proven and a very cost-effective way for the corporate world to render practical and interactive web solutions that match business needs and provide real business benefits. With updated and professional and rich internet applications development services, you can easily make a difference to the web apps if you are interested in ensuring a boost of connectivity, interaction and responsiveness to your website.

ASP.NET Development reconciles cutting-edge technological requirements for creating influential websites

For creating a progressive and dynamic website, it is imperative that programmers have a clear idea of web based needs, suitable web platform development and the internet populace. The server-side web application development framework ASP.NET is capable of offering thriving solutions in the following categories: Business and corporate website, social, business and community networking website, web-based apps, custom CMS, custom CRM, and individual as well as business specific requirements.

The framework consists of Active Server Pages and the .Net framework. With innumerable scalable features, it has become a fantastic platform for web developers. It is in high demand as it is quite simple and overcomes the common difficulties of the complex process of traditional application development.  Furthermore, the frameworks allow programmers to write their own codes as it is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Sites compatible with the framework:
ASP Dot Net Development has been a boon for a number of sites since it came into existence as it caters their varying web development needs and delivers solutions for them. These sites include:

- e-commerce.
- e-businesses.
- e-commerce storefronts.
- B2C and B2B portals.
- e-governance.
- Customer relationship management websites.
- Social websites.
- Online auction sites.
- Poll sites.

Interestingly, the framework is ideally suitable for the transforming a static website into a dynamic website. With the Dot Net Application Development, web programmers can complete numerous tasks such as consolidation of E-pay web service, creation of clean URLs, prevention of SQL injections, Google like paging, inclusion of reports with GUI appeal, the addition of support and functionality to existing sites, optimization of bulk email sending and cleaning database without hurting the performance of the website.

Why .Net has an edge over other frameworks?
Today, there is no dearth of web application frameworks. Programmers use them for making websites and web apps. There are a lot of advantages for which the Microsoft framework is highly preferred by the programmers. These include:
- Designing robust and dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.
- Cross-linking with technological frameworks.
- Cross browser compatibility.
- Writing of asp.net code in any.net framework.
- A prominent widget for the development process.
- Event-based programming to support standard languages.
- Scalable, easy to configure and to develop with inbuilt features.

With the timely and accomplished services of a professional and experienced ASP.NET Development Company in India, you can easily add more performance and functionality to your existing website or easily develop a dynamic website that is easy to use and control in the least amount of time.