Some Functional Data Base Management Tools for Developers

Database for any dynamic web application or websites is believed to be a key element, which manages the website and increases practicability of the same with high influences. With the advancement in web designing and database management system, developers have now got so many useful tools to manage the database in a productive way. Having database management tools indicates that you don’t need to install new and separate database client. Here are some important functional database management tools for developers, which can help them in managing the database properly.


It is an open source and PHP-backed web application, which can make it easy for developers to have the database integrated with the version control system. With the help of such functional tools, the developers can also export the SQL files to the database management.

# Open Keyval

Open Keyval is an open source services for web database management system, which doesn’t ask you for getting registered with the website. It is said to be highly preferable tool for PHP-based web application.

# DbNinja

DbNinja is a new and highly applicable application for MySQL web database, which is designed is PHP framework. DbNinja is the latest application that has a better interface and it can get linked with several databases. Web designing and development companies have endorsed the web application as their best tool to ensure better functionality to the database management system.

# MyWebSQL

It is a stirring open source alternate to the existing MySQL web application, as it provides multiple benefits and functionality to the web database management systems. MyWebSQL application is designed in PHP framework using latest technology Ajax interface. It makes all the tasks like editing, generating, and removing tables within the database system.

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