Top questions to ask before hiring a web development company

Choosing a web development company is a crucial decision. You are not only giving a web development project in a company’s hands, but also entrusting it with a responsibility to come up with an attractive online identity for your business. However, you can recruit the best custom web development company by asking the prospective partners the following questions. Read on.

How the company prices its services

Every web development firm has a certain price structure. However, you need to analyze whether the services are justly priced or not. You can do so by asking the company the following questions:

o    What is the company’s size and how many of its webmasters have adequate qualifications?
o    What is the deadline that the company will commit to for finishing the project?
o    Is the company following a clear billing procedure?
o    Does the cost of project match with the deliverables that the company has agreed to deliver?

Have a look at the company’s portfolio

For checking the quality of work that the company promises to deliver, you require to view its track record closely. Most certified web designing and development companies have their portfolio ready to show to their prospects. After analyzing the company’s portfolio, you should ask its project managers and customer representatives the following set of questions:

o    What types of clients the web development firm is comfortable working with?
o    How many clients has it worked with?
o    Does it have any type of figures or client testimonials to prove its laurels?
o    What does the company do to retain its clients?
o    What is the company’s rate of repeat business?
o    What is the bounce rate on the sites that are developed by the company?

These questions, once asked, will help you to cherry-pick the web developers from a nearly endless variety.

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